Pre-Congress Workshops

Four workshops are being offered at the World Congress by leading subject matter experts. Places are limited and so it is advisable to book early. Special offer – If 3 or more delegates from the same organization attend a workshop subtract $220 per delegate from the Workshop fee. Also, delegates may register for the Congress at “Organiser member” rates ($100 less than standard fees).

Achieving Customer Centricity – Two day workshop, 9.00 to 17.00, 3/4 December 2012

Whether in the public or private sector there is an increased expectation for organisations and suppliers to be ‘customer centric’ such that there is a clear ‘line of sight’ from the development, design, corporate services, facilities management and “back room” staff and senior executives to see and serve the external customer through internal customers. This workshop has been designed to give participants practical experience in using various templates and tools to develop their own customer services capability and strategy. These tools have been developed from extensive research of organizations in Australasia and internationally. Delegates for this program will receive a free copy of the Customer Centricity Best Practices Compendium Report as well as workshop materials.

Facilitator – Anton Benc                                                  Guest speaker Day 2 – Art Daniels

Fee = NZ$1,460 GST Inclusive for 2 days                  For more information…

Benchmarking for Best Practices – Two day workshop, 9.00 to 17.00, 3/4 December 2012

So you think you know how to do benchmarking? There is probably no other improvement approach that is so often misunderstood and incorrectly applied. At this workshop you will be introduced to TRADE Best Practice Benchmarking – called TRADE as it focuses on the exchange (or” trade”) of information and best practices to dramatically improve the performance of processes, goods and services. Whether you are seeking to improve employee morale, customer satisfaction or cycle time – TRADE will accelerate your learning and improve your bottom-line results through providing innovative solutions. This workshop has been designed to enable individuals or teams to kick-start benchmarking projects immediately when they return to work. TRADE was initially developed for New Zealand Benchmarking Club members but is now used extensively internationally particularly in Singapore whereby it has become the methodology for the whole state sector.

Facilitators – Michael Voss and Dr Robin Mann.

Michael Voss will be the main facilitator. Dr Robin Mann and Michael Voss are co-developers of the TRADE workshop. TRADE is owned by COER. Dr Robin Mann will provide the introductory session on Day 1.

Fee = NZ$1,460 GST Inclusive                                      For more information…

Staying Lean – Thriving not just Surviving – One day workshop, 9.00 to 17.00, 4 December 2012

Implementing Lean Thinking in your business is like an iceberg – it is not just what you can see that is important, it is also what you can’t see. The results achieved through applying Lean may be visible to all but the key enablers that will sustain these results are not so easy to see. To make sure that Lean programmes succeed it is important to align Lean to strategy and obtain the engagement of the workforce so that appropriate behaviours are exhibited and sustained. This interactive workshop is based on the “Staying Lean” publication by Professor Peter Hines, Dr Pauline Found, Gary Griffiths and Richard Harrison, and focussed on how Lean interventions can be designed in a sustainable way. It is suitable for those that are new to Lean and experienced practitioners.

Facilitator – Professor Peter Hines

Fee = NZ$940 GST Inclusive                                           For more information…

Winning Key Performance Indicators – One day workshop, 9.00 to 17.00, 4 December 2012

Performance measurement is failing organisations worldwide, whether they are multinationals, government departments, or non-profit agencies. The KPIs that have been adopted were dreamed up one day without any linkage to the critical success factors (CSFs) of the organisations. The lack of understanding of performance measures has led most monitoring and reporting of measures to fail, including balanced scorecard initiatives. At this workshop a practical step by step methodology is shared that helps organizations to rediscover their critical success factors and underpinning winning key performance indicators. This course builds on David Parmenter’s book “Key Performance Indicators – Developing, Implementing and Using Winning KPIs” and includes David’s latest research and new material developed for his forthcoming book “Key Performance Indicators for Government and Non-Profit Agencies”.

Facilitator – David Parmenter

Fee = NZ$940 GST Inclusive                                               For more information…

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