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Keynote Speakers

SpeakerPresentation TitlePresentationVideo
Rod OramRadical is the new normal
Davey HughesLeadership
David ParmenterAvoiding the pitfalls of performance measurement through using winning KPIs
Art DanielsPutting Citizens First: Achieving Customer Focus and Lean Government
Peter HinesMoving from Process Excellence to a Sustainable Lean Business System
Robert ColeLearning From Crisis: Toyota’s Quality Epiphany
Helen BurtCreating an Iconic Customer Experience
Tim BeanExecutive Longevity
Chuck AubreyBest Practices in Strategic Planning Drive Business Capability and Payoff on the Bottom Line!
Sheryl BoxallForesight-led Strategy and Innovation
Rob MatthewsI’m not blind – it is just that I can’t see
Holger kohlInnovation and Intellectual Capital Management to support a sustainable corporate development
Bob CampBest Practice Benchmarking for Global Competitiveness and Cooperation
Cyndi LaurinThe Four Pillars of Organizational Greatness
Chris CurtinBusiness Transformation Through Staff Engagement
Kwan Chee WeiLeadership Practices and Paradoxes

Business Excellence Award Administrators Panel Discussion

SpeakerPresentation TitlePresentationVideo
David SikorskiThe Impact of Australia’s Business Excellence Framework on “Driving Excellence> Innovation>Productivity> Export Growth”
Mike WatsonThe Impact of New Zealand’s Business Excellence Framework on “Driving Excellence> Innovation>Productivity> Export Growth”
Freddy SoonThe Impact of Singapore’s Business Excellence Framework on “Driving Excellence> Innovation>Productivity> Export Growth”

Business Excellence Award Winners Panel Discussion

SpeakerPresentation TitlePresentationVideo
Tony StallingerThe Key Ingredients for Success – Hutt City Council, New Zealand
Barry ColemanThe Key Ingredients for Success – Doric Group Holdings
Tan Siong ThyeThe Key Ingredients for Success – The Subordinate Courts of Singapore

Future of Benchmarking 2030 Panel Discussion

SpeakerPresentation TitlePresentationVideo
Robin MannOverview of the GBN and Benchmarking
Bruce SearlesIntroduction to the Future of Benchmarking 2030 Project
Oliver RiebartschMegatrends for the Future
Bruce SearlesFindings on the Future by GBN Research
Holger KohlThe Future of Benchmarking – IPK Fraunhofer’s viewpoint
Robin MannThe Future of Benchmarking – COER’s viewpoint

Day 1

SpeakerPresentation TitilePaperPresentationVideo
Annah StrettonLeadership Inspiring the Best
Peter GoldsburyGrowing Living Organisations that thrive in a World of Complexity
Robyn PearceInformation Overload Might Be Stealing As Much as 28% of Your Day!
Richard GreatbanksMeasurement of ‘Time to Decision’ performance in an Emergency Department environment. Operational, managerial and process Implications
Sanjay MathraniEnhancing Performance Management using Enterprise Systems
Paul TurnerMeasuring Urban Design to Improve Social and Environmental Outcomes
Alan BaldwinPrevention vs Correction – Cost of Quality in Dental Care
Anuradha MathraniOffshore Software Development Collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region
Jason PriceImproving business performance through better complaints management
Janice LewisThe Value and Applicability of ‘Voice of the Customer’ Methods
Jan EklöfExplaining the financial performance in the banking sector – With special reference to possible importance of Customer Preferences
Wade JacksonCreative Collaboration – the missing link
Dana CuminIs Collaborative Innovation a viable strategy for NZ firms?
Bersand DumiIncreasing competitiveness of Albanian economy, through innovations and technology transfer, to have a reforming economical and political growth
Dale F WeeksPerformance Excellence on a Global Scale: The Public vs. The Private Sector – Who Wins?
Deborah Te KawaIntroducing the Performance Improvement Framework
Peter PrevosThe Incompleteness of Performance Measurement in Services
Barry ColemanAchieving Business Excellience and Sustaining the Transformation
Peter AllenBusiness Torque® …An assessment tool to improve decision-making practice in SMEs
Nigel GriggDeveloping open minds – A review of quality education and training provision in NZ and internationally
Carl Sanders-EdwardsBack to the future – developing leaders and managers the way humans evolved to learn
Michael McLeanContextualisation of Australian nationally accredited training modules to embed and sustain learning from process improvements within three case study industries
Malcolm McPhersonEducation for organisational excellence: an innovation approach
Melvyn ThornleyThe Application of Lean Six Sigma in New Zealand Organisations: Case Studies from Different Sectors
Sarah BenjaminUnderstanding your Organisation as a System
Russell VeitchIt’s Quality, But not as we know it
Ruth LeeAround the World in 80 Shipping Containers – Practical Process Improvement – SME Global Despatch: Case Study
Ian HendraSolutions first syndrome; or the easy way to avoid continual improvement
Veena LertkriangkraisornDetermining Key Service Attributes in Mobile Telecommunications Industry
Sushil VarmaAchieving Customer Satisfaction in NZ Healthcare
Johan ParmlerImproving Financial performance by non-financial measures – Lessons from the Banking Sector
Ratchakrit KlongpayabalTechnology Selection from University Research for Innovation Development: Case Studies of Licensee Firms in Thailand

Day 2

SpeakerPresentation TitilePaperPresentationVideo
David ParmenterThe seven foundation stones of leadership – derived from analysing the masters (Sir Ernst Shackleton et al)
Brett MarshAristotle, Tiger Woods and DNA
Jarmo PeltoniemiMiddle managers’ leadership experiences in a Finnish governmental office
Ab Anne A.G. StaalLeadership is a Quality Driver – Embedded in Facility Management Education
Steve Catty“Re-run Theatre”: Re-enacting frontline incidents for service excellence
Debbie Mayo-SmithMore Sales. Better Relationships. Effective Communication
Moha Asri AbdullahCustomer Perception on Service Quality in Retailed Banking Industry: Empirical Evidence from New Zealand and Malaysia
Dawn RingroseOrganizational Excellence Framework
Bruce SealesUnleashing a practical and proven 9 Pillars Framework for building Business Capability by Operationalising Business Excellence
Anthony StephensonStandards and Certification – JAS-ANZ Sponsors Presentation
Joanna ParryGrand Design: Quality Assurance in the Property Profession
Paul AustinMicro-ISO: Implementing a materials-based management system for plant quarantine and micro-organism testing
Jenni Murphy-ScanlonHow to Coach Yourself and Others to Think Strategically
Chris PopeIt’s All About the Benefits
Sandeep MukherjeeAiming Business Excellence & Benchmark Effects through Strategic Planning & Deployment at Coke Sinter & Iron Division
Graeme BennyBuilding an excellent careers system for New Zealand. Moving form organisational transformation to systemic transformation
Terry PilcherWhy should a project need an outside focus on Quality?
Danie VermeulenEmpower frontline workers to drive excellence and productivity – True leadership should unleash sustainable process improvement
Sue GordonDeveloping Business Capability
Henri EliotDealing with adversity or crisis from a chairman’s perspective
Sany Sanuri Mohd MohktarThe Influence of Market Orientation, Strategic Quality Management on the Performances of Malaysian Manufacturing Firms
Grant ReganMaking Quality and Business Excellence Happen: A Research Working Paper Review
Alan SamuelA Quantum Leap in Informal Benchmarking
Salman IqbalThe role of HRM practices as benchmarks in knowledge management: An empirical study
Alan BrownMeeting the challenges in sustaining business excellence
Azat AbdrakhmanovEFQM Excellence Model within a Medical Organization: to Leadership through Competitiveness
Fay Lea Patria M. LaurayaAcademe’s Journey to Total Quality Management: Bicol University’s ISO 9001 Experience
Phil KerStriving for world class education performance: business excellence at Otago Polytechnic
Jiao GenqiangFindings of Constructing Quality Culture Model
Muhammad Mohtasham SaeedExamining the Relationship Between Socialization Tactics and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: Mediating Role of Organizational Commitmen
Boondee BunyagidjDriving Organizational Performance Excellence through KM Assessment
Maria Theresa BagamanTransforming an In-House Call Centre into a Revenue-Generating Outsourcing Center through Benchmarking
Rebecca KnapmanCase Study: 75% Increase in Product Acceptability Using Best Practice Benchmarking
Ahmed AbbasBest practices of finding best practice: the beginners guide
Mohamad Sahril Ahmad Puzie-Benchmark Online Data Processing System in Benchmarking Projects
Jacob EskildsenThe Impact of contextual factors on Satisfaction – consequences for benchmarking studies
Keith PhillipsDriving Excellence from the Cloud
C.S. RathoreAnalysis of delay in procurement of materials using Six Sigma Philosophy: A case study of Vizag Steel Plant
Nihal JayamahaRisk Analysis of Re-fractures of Elderly Patients-A New Zealand Retrospective Study
John CullenIncreasing productivity, reducing cost and improving quality in Elective Surgery in New Zealand
Abdul Aziz OthmanRelationship between Supply Chain Strategy and Performance: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Quality Management Practices
Richard SaulReinventing your organisation. Jargon or Necessity?
Evgeniia Aleksandrovna bodkovaSocial and psychological management in the period of globalization
Muhammad MoazzamBenchmarking Agri-food Supply Chains
Mehran NejatiThe Effect of Stakeholders’ Influence on Responsible Practices towards Employees and Its Positive Impacts on Performance of Small Firms: Insights from Malaysia
Mohamad GhozaliSupplier perceptions of dependencies in supplier-manufacturer relationships
Pramila GamageIntegration of Design of Experiments Within a Strong Lean Manufacturing Environment
Hans DoevendansHow lean is the New Zealand pip fruit industry?
Mai XuA hybrid heuristic model of nurse scheduling problem

Day 3

SpeakerPresentation TitilePaperPresentationVideo
Rick EdgemanTowards a UN Global Compact and PRME Inspired springboard to Sustainable Enterprise Excellence
Paulo Augusto Cauchick MiguelPractice of environmental responsibility: analysis of secondary data from the National Brazilian Foundation and a case study in a manufacturing company
Khuram BukhariSustainable Business Performance and Business Initiatives: Evidence from Chemical, Fertilizer, and Oil and Gas Sector of Pakistan
Kai MagenheimerWaste Focused Modelling, Analysis and Valuation of Business Processes
Nick HeathValues-Driven Business Excellence
Peter KerridgeBest practices at the top table – leveraging metrics at the board
Brent RitchieDesigning a model for a high performing leadership culture: how this model links to the development and management of product, service and business rules
Michelle AshbyVero New Zealand’s People Framework Journey
Margaret SandsNarrow that Quality Isolation Gap Simply By Filling It
Johnathan H. WestoverHuman Capital Leadership: A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Workplace Potential
Norkhalid SlamatProfessional Learning Communities for Better Staff Engagement
Colin GilchrestTransformation Overview to Learning-First (Lean) Product Development
Rob HeebinkLearning-First (Lean) Product Development at Gallagher
Dean MischewskiTait Communications: Our Lean Manufacturing Journey
Ivan SeseljProcess Mapping
Norman ChornBetter Customer Focus through Business Model Innovation
Geoff BascandUsing statistics for informed decision making to improve your bottom line
Janice LewisThe Importance of Context: – The ‘Voice of the Customer’ in a Post-Conflict Police Service in the South Pacific.
Khairul Anuar Mohd AliStudy on Factors of Shopping Mall Attractiveness That Influenced Decision-Making in Choosing a Shopping Mall: A Structural Equation Modelling Approach
Michael VossWhy Benchmarking Projects Fail?
Rebecca KnapmanCreating Sustainable Change From Best Practice Benchmarking
Anthony StephensonThe yesterday, today and tomorrow plant
Brent HawkinsManagerial skills and competencies in NZ organizations: a cause for concern
Yury AlkalayDeveloping Capabilities for World Class Performance
Terry DalyIt’s Not About the Money: Developing ‘Work-Life Balance into a Strategic Human Resources Tool’
Siham El-KafafiPerils of Using Technology for Adult Literacy Education
Hugh WhittakerStrategies for Bringing Innovations to Market
Oliver RiebartschThe Fraunhofer Innovation Process: Leading the Way to Innovation Capabilities – A German Example
Kathy ConnollyBuilding Economic Statistics (BES): Revolutionising statistical production in the 21st Century
Brenda HynesPlunket Plus – The Nurse-led Information System Development: Building Organisational Capability For The 21st Century
Jennie VickersLeading a Millennial workforce down an ethical and compliant path. Plain sailing or painful?
Nicky Campbell-AllenLeadership Skills for New Leaders
Claudio BaccaraniFuture Management Challenges

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