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Pre-World Business Capability Congress Survey

We are conducting this survey to help us plan for expected registrations at the World Business Capability Congress on 5-7 December 2012. This survey will take no more than 3 minutes to complete and closes on 1 July. We appreciate the time you spend responding to a few questions below, and by doing so you are in the draw to win a NZ$100 pre-loaded debit card.


Q1. Are you considering giving a presentation at the World Business Capability Congress?*

NOTE: Deadline for submission of an abstract is 30 May



Q2. How do you rate the Congress website?*


3. Are you likely to attend the Congress?*


If you answered NO to the above question, why not?

Q4. How many other people inside your organisation have you informed about the Congress?*



Q5. How many people from your organisation do you think will register for the Congress?*



Q6. First Name*


Q7. Surname*


Q8. Organisation/Company Name


Q9. Country*

This will help us with demographics.


Q10. Do you want your name added to the Congress circulation list to receive updates on the Congress*



Q11. Email Address*

We will email all respondents with the survey findings and the name of the winner of the prize draw (with the winners permission).


Q11. Comments/Suggestions

Thank you!

If you would like to contact us about the survey, please email

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