Supporters of New Zealand’s Best Practice Competition

The following organisations, along with our Partners are helping to promote New Zealand’s Best Practice Competition. We appreciate their assistance.

Franchise New Zealand
Franchise New Zealand magazine & website has been the primary source of information about business format franchising in New Zealand for over 20 years. By providing prospective business buyers with expert advice, and sharing case studies and information about best practice processes with franchisors, Franchise New Zealand has been at the heart of the remarkable growth of franchising in this country since 1992. Today, NZ has more franchise systems and more franchisees per capita than any other country in the world. We believe this is good news, as it has allowed many SMES to upskill themselves, enjoy the benefit of benchmarking and well-developed systems, and compete successfully in a small market often dominated by one or two large companies – see

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Gisborne Chamber of Commerce
The Gisborne Chamber of Commerce is one ofGisborne’s oldest and most respected business organisations. Established in 1877, the Chamber enjoys a well-established history and reputation as the voice of business for our region. We are committed to the development and success of trade, industry and commerce within the Gisborne region and offer a range of services including training & business support, business promotion and networking opportunities and advocacy.

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Otago Chamber of Commerce
The Otago Chamber of Commerce has been part of the Dunedin and Otago business community since 1861. We offer business and business people a range of services and advocacy as we are dedicated to promoting and actively encouraging business growth and opportunity throughout the Otago region. The Chamber offers a wide range of services to all businesses from building business capability through our training and development programmes to providing opportunities for businesses to come together to network and share information.

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Tauranga Chamber of Commerce

The role of the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce is to build a better Bay by building better business. This is done by working with local firms to grow and develop their business to achieve their goals. Every business is different and each has their own path to success. The Chamber assists each business to find their own unique path. The Chamber offers a wide range of services from networking events and training and development to business support and advocacy. We specialise in business capability development for SMEs.
When a local business thrives and grows, the whole community benefits.

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Venture Taranaki

The regional development agency for the Taranaki region, Venture Taranaki works with businesses from inception right through to international growth. With teams working across economic development, business growth, skills attraction, regional marketing and tourism, and as the delivery channel for a range of government programmes in the region, Venture Taranaki is the one-stop shop when it comes to growing the region’s businesses and economy.

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Waikato Chamber of Commerce

The Waikato Chamber of Commerce is an organisation charged with enabling Waikato Business Vitality. Therefore it makes sense that internally; our organisation mirrors the same energy and strength.
The definition of vitality about one’s “capacity to live, grow and develop” and it is those qualities that make us a successful community organisation. As a team; and a small one at that, we work extremely hard to share workloads and strive to assist each other in improving our various communication, strategic and marketing skillsets. It is this shared passion for all round and continuous improvement that make us of value to our supporters (not members or clients) and each other.

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