The speakers for the Congress, as of June 2012, and the title of their presentations can be seen below by clicking on a Congress theme. Currently over 80 presentations have been decided upon. The final programme will have over 120 presentations from speakers from over 30 countries.

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An overall programme for the Congress showing the days and time of presentations is shown here.

Congress Themes
Developing Business CapabilityLeadershipStrategy
Customer and Market FocusMeasurement, Analysis and
Knowledge Management
Human Resource Focus
Process Management


Process Management Theme Speakers

Six Sgma, Quality Control, Quality Assurance, and Quality Management, Safety Category

Eddie Au

Organisation: ING Life Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Presentation: Process Improvement in New Business Operations.

Bio: Dr. Eddie Au has 20-year experience in assisting multi-national and listing enterprises on process excellence and customer engagement deployments in front line, at middle management and executive levels in Manufacturing, Government Agency, Consultancy and Financial Services industries in New Zealand, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Philippines.

Dr. Au has trained over 5,000 participants on Lean, Six Sigma, Net Promoter Scores and different quality management topics for enterprises such as ABB, AIG, HSBC, ING, Kingboard, National, Nypro, Orix, Philips, RFMD, Schicks, Standard Chartered Bank, Tetrapak, Tyco and Viasystems in Asia.

Dr. Au is the Head of Operations Design & Process Excellence, AIG General Insurance China. He is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Lean specialist and Net Promoter Score practitioner. He has a Ph.D. with research field in Six Sigma, MSc. in China Business Studies, and BSc. in Industrial Engineering. He is the Examiner and Honorary Advisor for Six Sigma International Council. He is the author of Effective Management (2003) and Lean Six Sigma Handbook (2005). He was the Council Member of Six Sigma Society of Hong Kong, VTC part-time lecturer, and columnist for Hong Kong Economic Times.

Sarah Benjamin

Organisation: Vanguard Consulting Limited, United Kingdom

Presentation: Understanding your Organisation as a System.

Bio: Sarah Benjamin is a Sensei and licensed practitioner for Vanguard Consulting Ltd.
British born, and from an HR and Marketing background, she has worked with Vanguard Consulting UK since 2003.
The Vanguard Method draws on the principles of the Toyota Production System and the work of Deming, and has been uniquely transposed by Vanguard to be used within service industries (combining systems thinking – how the work works with intervention theory – how to change it).
Sarah has worked in both the private, and public sector in both the UK and New Zealand helping them redesign processes and transform the organisation to the Vanguard Method method.
In 2007, Sarah started work in New Zealand and is a co Director of Vanguard ANZ.
Work in New Zealand has included Central Otago District Council, The Department of Internal Affairs, notably within Citizenship and Births, Deaths and Marriages, and more recently with the Real Estate Agents Authority and Maritime New Zealand.
Used to presenting at conferences in the UK, Sarah also spoke at the 2008 NZOQ conference in Queenstown. She runs regular workshops across New Zealand, including an Introduction to The Vanguard Method and Process Mapping and Analysis.

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Desirée Botica

Organisation: Sysdoc, United Kingdom

Presentation: Establishing and Sustaining a Process Capability and Culture.

Bio: Desiree joined Sysdoc shortly after it was established and has been with the company since 1993. Sysdoc provides services in change management, business process engineering, training / e-learning and knowledge management (web, intranet and knowledge base design). Sysdoc has an impressive list of blue chip and public sector clients. The Sysdoc contribution to the major transformation programmes of its clients is highly regarded and Sysdoc is cited as an industry leader in business process-led transformation. In the words of John Kopij, founder of Hedra which was one of the leading consulting firms in the UK.
Desiree has deep experience in knowledge and information management solutions for complex system implementations and business infrastructures. She has been instrumental in the growth and establishment of Sysdoc in New Zealand and Global Markets. Her passion is development of new business opportunities and achieving excellence for Sysdoc clients.
Her pursuit of innovation and added value excites team members to discover leading-edge methods of development and delivery. Desiree’s teams have a habit of exceeding customer expectations.
Desiree says “that our people are our greatest asset – through selection and on-going development of the best talent in our global markets we are able to deliver highly effective, leading edge solutions to our customers”.

John Cullen

PresentationIncreasing productivity, reducing cost and improving quality in Elective Surgery in New Zealand – the Waitemata DHB joint arthroplasty pilot.

Organisation: Waitemata DHB, New Zealand

Bio: John Cullen, FRACS, M.Sc (Oxon), date of birth 14 September 1937 orthopaedic surgeon. Married with 3 adult children, ex Olympian, ex New Zealand Hockey player, enthusiastic but intermittent cyclist, awarded New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM) in Queen’s Birthday honours in 2010. Extensive experience in both private practice and public hospitals, ex-president of the NZ Orthopaedic Association and ex member of Medical Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal. Has developed two public hospital orthopaedic departments and is currently developing a new free-standing public hospital for fast-track elective surgery.

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Hans Doevendans

Organisation: Massey University, New Zealand

Presentation: How lean is the New Zealand pipfruit industry?

Bio: Hans (JT) Doevendans is a retired operational RNLAF squadron commander who completed the Royal Military Academy majoring in organisational psychology and strategy. He emigrated to New Zealand in 1984 with his family and worked in several industries. In 1997 he wrote the NZ book on house removals to fill a knowledge gap in the industry.

Most of his work since has been in the NZ pipfruit industry (apples & pears) where he is a market access and quality systems specialist. He provides industry training, assists organisations with quality systems and sits on a market access panel.

He wrote several articles and presented at the 2011 EUROMA conference in Cambridge and the 2011 ANZAM conference in Wellington. Also in 2011, he wrote a research paper for the industry relating to the NZ pipfruit supply chain. He writes regularly for the NZ pipfruit industry and published in the NZ ‘Orchardist’.

His concern is almost exclusively with quality and production/business philosophies within the NZ pipfruit industry. He believes that, although technically advanced, the NZ pipfruit industry is lacking modern management paradigms. He is currently studying how ‘lean’ the NZ pipfruit industry is and how ‘lean’ principles can be adjusted to suit the NZ pipfruit industry. To this end, he started a PhD at Massey University in October 2011. The conference paper reflects part of his work.

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Pramila Gamage

Organisation: Massey University, New Zealand

Presentation: Integration of Design of Experiments Within a Srong Lean Manufacturing Environment.

Bio: Pramila Gamage obtained her BSc (Honours) degree in Production Engineering at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. She is a lecturer (junior faculty) in production engineering and industrial management in the same university. Currently she is pursuing a four-year doctoral degree in Industrial Engineering at Massey University, New Zealand. Her research is currently titled: Sequential learning or Taguchi? – Calibration and analysis of different types of Design of Experiment (DOE) methods based on experimentation in world- class apparel firm in Sri Lanka. She will use her prior working relationships with a multinational lean manufacturing organization (MAS Holdings-whose major production plants are located in Sri Lanka) to conduct her field work related to her PhD.

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Ian Hendra

Organisation: Clearline Serivces Ltd, New Zealand

Presentation: Solutions first syndrome; or the easy way to avoid continual improvement.

Bio: Ian Hendra is a Chartered Quality Professional and Incorporated Engineer. He runs Clearline Services Ltd in Wellington New Zealand.

With a background in medical electronics, medical imaging and radiological engineering, Ian got into supplier assessment and quality management in the early 1980s with the UK NHS Procurement Directorate in London. He joined the accredited certification industry in 1988 in the heyday of the UK National Quality Campaign and was instrumental in developing two certification bodies, one in New Zealand.

From 2001 he spent 8 years with NZ’s air navigation services provider, working with the Safety Unit in an auditing and QA systems role. Since mid 2009, he provides training and consultancy in problem solving and quality systems development, hazard identification and risk management, QA systems and auditing.

He is a regular contributor to QNewZ the journal of the NZ Organisation for Quality. With a keen eye on the KISS principle and an acute awareness of Dr W Edwards Deming his mantra is “there is always a better way”.

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Ruth Lee

Organisation: Transformity, Australia

Presentation: Around the World in 80 Shipping Containers – Practical Process Improvement – SME Global Despatch: Case Study.

Bio: Over the past 20 years, Ruth Lee has implemented, integrated and revitalised quality and information management systems in the utilities, manufacturing, health and mining sectors in Australia, UK and Ireland.

Ruth has always believed in getting management systems off the bookshelf and into the business, and her focus is on building risk-based systems which provide a base-line for business improvement. She is convinced that successful management systems are as much about people as process, and sees effective management of change as essential to the successful implementation of improvement initiatives.

Ruth holds a Bachelor of Business Studies (Human Resources) from Monash University, and a Masters of Engineering (Quality Management) from RMIT, Melbourne for which she was awarded AOQ Best Student 2005. Her research into the relationship between the planning and integration of audit programs and the value to the organisation of the resulting audit outcomes was presented at Qualcon 2005, with a follow-up paper in 2010. Ruth is a Fellow and past Secretary of the Australian Organisation for Quality, and a member of the Change Management Institute.

Ruth currently runs the management systems consultancy, Transformity, which is based in Brisbane, Australia.

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Kai Magenheimer

Organisation: Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management, Germany

Presentation: Waste Focused Modeling, Analysis and Valuation of Business Processess.

Bio: Dipl.-Ing. Kai Magenheimer is since 2008 a research associate and a PhD student at iwb (Institute for Machine Tools and Industrial Management) at Technische Universität München focusing on Lean Management, Production Management and Logistics. His research interests include transferring lean principles to indirect business areas and the valuation of qualitative factors. Additionally he is responsible for the development and management of the learning factory for Lean Production (LSP).

From 2001 to 2006 Kai studied mechanical engineering at Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen and graduated the diploma degree. His course specialization was automotive engineering and manufacturing. Afterwards he worked as technical project manager at Thyssen Krupp with the focus on connecting the departments production planning and product development. At this he gained professional experience at locations in Liechtenstein, USA and Mexico.

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Dean Mischewski

Organisation: Tait Communications New Zealand

Presentation: Tait Communications: Our Lean Manufacturing Journey.

Bio: Dean Mischewski is Production Engineering Manager at Tait Communications in Christchurch, New Zealand. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing and Industrial Technology and a Master’s Degree in Theology. He has been heavily involved in Tait’s Lean Manufacturing journey and manages a team that is responsible for support and continuous improvement of Tait’s assembly processes and technology. He is also an important contributor to Tait’s current strategic program to introduce Lean principles and practices to the product and solution development process.
Dean is a former New Zealand Canoe Polo representative and has a keen interest in sport and physical fitness. His is married and is the father of seven children.

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Terry Pilcher

Organisation: BCS Management Services, United Kingdom

Presentation: Why should a project need an outside focus on Quality?

Bio: Terry Pilcher, BCS Management Services, has extensive experience in the areas of business improvement, organisational change, knowledge management, customer service, quality, corporate universities, sustainability and benchmarking.
Following a full and distinguished career in government he established a knowledge driven company with a world-wide network.
The company has been involved in projects internationally, with organisations such as UNCTAD in Geneva, the Asian Productivity Association in Tokyo, Massey University & BPIR in New Zealand, Abu Dhabi Police, Ethos Consulting in Dubai, Benchmarking Partnerships in Australia, Qimpro in India, BRE, Winning Moves, Alturos and iPCo in the UK.
Terry has a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and is a Fellow of the Institute of Management, where for many years, he was a Member of the Board of Studies, which oversaw the development of the Institute’s present Management and Leadership offering. He was also a member of the Executive of the British Quality Foundation responsible for Business Excellence in the UK and is currently a Director of the Global Benchmarking Network.
He has over many years delivered presentations on management issues around the world in locations such as Australia, the US, New Zealand, the Middle East, South Africa and Europe and has lectured on Best Practice issues to post graduate student at Trinity College in Dublin.

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C.S. Rathore

Organisation: Vizag Steel Plant, India

Presentation: Analysis of delay in procurement of materials using Six Sigma Philosophy: A case study of Vizag Steel Plant.

Bio: C.S.Rathore is working with Vizag steel plant as manager and looking procurement and inventory management functions. He has post graduate diploma in management from Indian Institute of Management. His specialization is in operation management. He is also certified energy auditor.
C.S.Rathore has limited paper presentation experience. He has presented papers during his PG diploma course at Indian Institute of Management on strategic management, project appraisal, service operation management etc. He also presented paper on “procurement of energy efficient equipment”, at organization level.

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Melvyn Thornley

Organisation: Thornley Group Limited, New Zealand

Presentation: The Application of Lean Six Sigma in New Zealand Organisations: Case Studies from Different Sectors.

Bio: Mel has over 20 years experience in the implementation of Business Process Improvement strategies. He has a Master of Engineering degree and an MBA from the University of Sheffield, he is a Chartered Quality Professional, Six Sigma Master Black Belt and Master Lean Coach.

Mel has extensive experience gained from the automotive and engineering industries. Senior Roles in New Product Introduction, Supplier Management, Customer Experience and Quality Management have provided a wealth of experience which Mel uses in his capacity as Managing Director at Thornley Group in New Zealand.

A regular speaker at conferences, Mel has presented subjects such as Lean Healthcare, Clinical Governance and Customer Experience Management.

Since founding the Thornley Group consulting and training company in 2006, Mel has coached mentored and trained hundreds of people in improvement methodologies and he has delivered multi-million dollar sustainable benefits for his company’s clients.’

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Danie Vermeulen

Organisation: Kaizen Institute, New Zealand

Presentation: Empower frontline workers to drive excellence and productivity – True leadership should unleash sustainable process improvement.

Bio: Danie worked in the Service Sector since 1988. During this time he completed his M.Com before joining Ernst & Young Management consulting in South Africa for 3 years and New Zealand for 4 years specialising in Business Process Improvement, Supply Chain Management and Strategy.

He then worked for Carter Holt Harvey Wood Products and new ventures before becoming a full time Kaizen Lean coach and consultant.

Danie joined Kaizen® Institute New Zealand in 2005 as CEO and Managing Director. He was also appointed as Australasia Leader and the Kaizen Institute’s global Strategic Council in 2010.
Since joining Kaizen® Institute, he worked with a variety of Manufacturing, Logistics and Service companies.

Danie’s recent Lean Transformation experience include Healthcare, Food manufacturing and Distribution (FMCG, Fresh product) – e.g. leading Nestle’s Continuous Excellence Lean implementation in Australia, Philippines and Thailand.

He is the current president of the New Zealand chapter of the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) – www.ame.org
Danie is also the Chairman of Elim Christian College Board of Trustees (since 2007).

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Mai Xu

Organisation: City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Presentation: A hybrid heuristic model of nurse scheduling problem.

Bio: Xu Mai received the B.Eng. degree in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Hong Kong, in 2009, and he is a PhD student in the Systems Engineering and Engineering Department of the same university since then. His current research interests include simulation and staff scheduling for healthcare systems such as hospital and emergency departments.

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Innovation in Products/Services and Processes Category

Suriati Zainal Abidin

Organisation: Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Presentation: The impact of innovation process on innovation outcome and firm performance: A proposed framework for empirical study of electrical and electronics sector in Malaysia

Bio: Suriati Zainal Abidin is a senior consultant and work in Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC). She used to conduct training, consultancy and system development projects in the area of Quality Environment at industry level such as automotive, electrical and electronics, textile and plastics and government agencies and previously a researcher of productivity and quality for industry indicators in research department of MPC. She is also a certified auditor for Quality Environment Certification and frequently judged at the Innovative Creative Circle Convention, facilitated a benchmarking project and promotes activity with regards to productivity, quality and innovation and involved in applied case study writing. She is currently pursuing PhD degree at College of Business, University Utara Malaysia.

Dana Cumin

Organisation: ICL Business School, New Zealand

Presentation: Is Collaborative Innovation a viable strategy for NZ firms?.

Bio: Dana Cumin lectures at ICL Business School, designing and teaching leadership, management, and innovation courses. She has an M.Com (first class honours) in Management & International Business from the University of Auckland. Her focus of study was collaborative innovation and, from this work, she had a paper accepted for publication in the 2012 Business & Economics International (B&EI) Anthology. Dana presented the paper at the 2012 B&EI conference where she was also invited to chair a session on “Production, Regulation & Information Technology”. She also provides research and advisory services on issues related to best business practice in the public and private sectors, governance issues, and strategic alliance for innovation.

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Hugh Whittaker

Organisation: University of Auckland, New Zealand

Presentation: Strategies for Bringing Innovations to Market.


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Wade Jackson

Organisation: Improv Warrior, New Zealand

Presentation: Creative Collaboration – the missing link.

Bio: Wade Jackson is regarded as a leader in the development of human potential to increase performance, both personal and professional. He is the author of Stories at Work and JOLT Challenge and co-creator of the critically acclaimed JOLT Challenge program. He has been involved in the performing, healing and martial arts for over the last 20 years. As a keynote speaker and trainer, Wade has worked with thousands of people ranging from CEOs, senior executive teams, Universities, Militaries and not-for-profit organisations. He is also an honorary lecturer in Organisational Behaviour at the AUT University, Faculty of Business and Law and a faculty member of the NZ Institute of Management.
Wade is a double world improvisation champion and founding member of The Improv Bandits, world renowned improvised comedy act. Fluent in Japanese, Wade has three internationally recognised black belts in martial arts and has studied Zen Shiatsu, Japanese acupressure massage. With a post-graduate Diploma in Drama and Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy, Wade is a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner currently studying towards his PhD in Health Science.

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Ratchakrit Klongpayabal

Organisation: Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Presentation: Technology Selection from University Research for Innovation Development: Case Studies of Licensee Firms in Thailand.

Bio: Mr. Ratchakrit Klongpayabal is a Ph.D. candidate in Technopreneurship and Innovation Management Program (TIP), He holds a Master degree in Business administration, and a Bachelor degree in architecture from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. At present, he is the business planning consultant and the member of the expertise committee of the Innovation Business Plan Grant program by the Thailand Research Fund (TRF).

Assistant Professor Natcha Thawesaengskulthai, Ph.D. is an assistant professor at Industrial Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. She holds a Doctoral degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management from Nottingham University, a Master degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Management from Linkping University, Sweden, and a Bachelor degree (1st honour) in Industrial Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. At present, she is doing research in the fields of quality management, technology and innovation management.

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Richard Saul

Organisation: RJS Business Systems, New Zealand

Presentation: Reinventing your organisation. Jargon or Necessity?.

Bio: During his career Richard Saul has carried out over fifteen hundred 3rd party audits throughout Australasia, Southeast Asia and India in both the private and public sectors.

Richard is currently one of 5 Lead Auditors worldwide who has achieved RABQSA recognition at the Business Improvement Grade (Qualifications based) for both Quality and Environmental management systems.

He has been twice selected as National Evaluator for the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards program, which is based on the Malcolm Baldrige Criteria. He also holds a Master of Management Degree from the University of Auckland.

For 15 years Richard competed in the sport of outrigger canoe racing at the international level. On three occasions he was selected as part of the team that represented New Zealand at the World Sprints.

He is also an enthusiastic musician/singer/songwriter, and has received royalties for one of his compositions.

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Supplier Relationships and Partnerships Category

Moha Asri Abdullah

Organisation: International Islamic University, Malaysia

Presentation: Leveraging on Strategic Business Linkages for Small Busines sin Asia: Empirical evidence from A Comparative Study.

Bio: Moha Asri Abdullah, B.A.(Hons-MU), M.A.(Essex), MBA (Univeristy of Ballarat) and Ph.D (London). He is Professor at the Department of Economics, International Islamic University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. He is the Director, Inovation and Commercialisation Office at the university, and a former Visiting Research Scholar, Economic Research Centre, School of Economics, Nagoya University. His specialization is on small enterprises, venture capital and economic development. He has conducted more than 25 research projects from different funding. So far he has published more than 16 books, more than 20 papers in renowned journals and presented a number of papers in the international conferences/forums. His recent books include; “Asian Small and Medium Enterprises: Challenges in the 21st Century” (editor) and “Small and Medium Enterprises in the Information Age: Asian Perspectives” (editor), “Small and Medium Enterprises in Asian Pacific Countries” (main editor), “Foreign Workers in Malaysia (co-author), Foreign Labor in Asia (co-author), “Small and Medium Enterprises in Malaysia”, “Management of Small Enterprises”.

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Mohamad Ghozali

Organisation: University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Presentation: Supplier perceptions of dependencies in supplier-manufacturer relationships.

Bio: Mohamad Ghozali is a third year DBA student exploring the relationship between relationship motivations and relationship orientation on outsourcing success. His research interests include inter-organizational relations, antecedent factors of supplier-manufacturer relationship, outsourcing management, and environmental dynamism.

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Abdul Aziz Othman

Organisation: University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Presentation: Relationship between Supply Chain Strategy and Performance: Exploring the Moderating Effect of Quality Management Practices.

Bio: Abdul Aziz Othman is a Universiti Utara Malaysia’s PhD student exploring the issues related to supply chain management especially in the area of supply chain strategy. His research interests include supply chain management area such as supply chain practices, supply chain performance measurement and integration of quality management with supply chain management.

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Oliver Riebartsch

Organisation: Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology (IPK), Germany

Presentation: The Fraunhofer Innovation Process: Leading the Way to Innovation Capabilities – A German Example.

Bio: Mr. Oliver Riebartsch is Head of the Information Centre Benchmarking at Fraunhofer IPK, Berlin/Germany. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration at the RWTH Aachen University. In 2010, Mr. Riebartsch joined the Division of Corporate Man-agement at Fraunhofer IPK as a senior researcher. Since then, he was involved in several national and international projects in the public and private sector. His international project experiences include the realization of projects in the areas of Benchmarking, Strategic Plan-ning, Performance Management and Innovation Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Russia, UAE, United Kingdom and Vietnam.

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Standards and Certification (ISO 9000, ISO 14000 etc) Category

Paul Austin

Organisation: The New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research Limited, New Zealand

Presentation: Micro-ISO: Implementing a materials-based management system for plant quarantine and micro-organism esting.

Bio: I am facility manager for Plant and Food Research’s Palmerston North post-entry quarantine (PEQ) facilities, responsible for PEQ project management and quality assurance for greenhouse-based imported plant inspection and laboratory-based PEQ testing. This work focuses on high-value plant material for PFR’s fruit-crop breeding programmes, and for external customers. It includes advanced molecular (DNA-based) and traditional bioassay testing, both accredited by IANZ to NZS ISO/IEC 17025. It delivers plant pest and disease status results to Ministry for Primary Industries staff, to support biosecurity release decision-making.

I have a PhD from Massey University in plant science, and a research background in fruit crop physiology, in particular the analysis of plant development under controlled environment and greenhouse conditions. I have provided consultative input for a range of controlled environment research projects, spanning plant molecular biology and tissue culture, to sports physiology and industrial product testing. In previous roles, I have also worked in a range of analytical testing laboratories, and contributed to the development of ‘The Code of Practice for the Use of Herbicides in Amenity Areas’ which continues to guide Auckland City’s policy on herbicide use.

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Joanna Parry

Organisation: The Property Institute of New Zealand, New Zealand

Presentation: Grand Design: Quality Assurance in the Property Profession.

Bio: As Quality Assurance and Accreditation Manager for the Property Institute of New Zealand, Jo has pioneered a scheme to ensure adherence to professional standards across New Zealand’s property professions.

The scheme, established in 2011, was required to cater for four separate professional communities and their respective quality assurance challenges. It was required to promote measurable risk reduction for key stakeholders including trading banks of New Zealand, general public and insurers; as well as cater for the diverse scope and size of firms operating across the professional communities.

After completing her master’s degree at Victoria University, Jo spent twelve years developing expertise in managing accreditation systems and navigating the politics of establishing and monitoring professional standards.

Jo achieved her Lead Auditor Certification in ISO 9001:2008 while working for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. This began her specialisation in the establishment of quality management systems for firms, and the demonstration of how quality assurance can both improve the commercial success of a company and protect the integrity of a profession.

In 2006 Jo established herself as a quality assurance consultant, and to date has worked in projects involving the establishment and review of accreditation systems, and development of quality assurance mechanisms for private business and government departments.

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