Organiser’s Welcome

The Congress is being organised by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation, and the New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ). The Congress includes the 27th NZOQ Conference, 7th International Benchmarking Conference (the annual conference of the Global Benchmarking Network), GBN’s 1st Global Benchmarking Award, 1st International Best Practice Competition and 2012 New Zealand Business Excellence Awards.

Welcome from the Host Commitee

The host committee are extremely proud to bring the Congress to New Zealand. We aim to make this Congress an event to remember that will make a real difference to how New Zealand businesses are run. At the same time we hope to foster and strengthen New Zealand’s relationships with international businesses and experts.

“Driving Excellence> Innovation> Productivity> Export Growth” are the key themes of the

conference, recognising the need for New Zealand businesses to up their game and have more organisations reaching a world-class standard. Similar to the All Blacks, this will require organisations to have strong unwavering leadership, teamwork, the ability to respond quickly in times of adversity, and limitless persistence and determination to achieve the end goal. This Congress aims to unlock the secrets of success, learning from local and international best practices.

Benchmarking is one of the high impact tools that encourages innovation and delivers breakthrough productivity improvements. We are therefore delighted to incorporate the 7th International Benchmarking Conference into the Congress. The first time this conference has been held in Australasia.

We are also delighted to host the New Zealand Business Excellence Awards dinner at the Congress. This is the premier award that recognises New Zealand’s outstanding organisations. The criteria for assessment is based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence.

We are confident that New Zealand’s organisations, business service providers, policy makers, and academics will gain considerably from networking and learning from our international speakers and delegates. We are also sure that our international speakers and delegates will have a tremendous learning experience and importantly enjoy our kiwi hospitality and beautiful country.

Along with the other committee members we look forward to meeting you all.

Dr Robin Mann – Organising Committee Chairman
Director, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research,
Co-founder Limited,
Chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network,

Anthony (Tony) Stephenson
President, New Zealand Organisation for Quality,

Mike Watson
CEO, New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation,

About the Organisers

The organisations and their representatives on the Committee are shown below:

Dr Robin Mann
Director, Centre for Organisational Excellence Research

Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER)

COER, consists of three organisations; COER, Massey University is the RESEARCH arm and focuses on “Acquiring Knowledge”. It administers doctoral research programmes in business excellence and benchmarking. Limited is the KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER arm and focuses on “Best Practice Sharing” through its website, COER Limited is the CONSULTANCY arm and focuses on “Applying Knowledge” through consultancy and training in business excellence and benchmarking. COER’s achievements include founding – benchmarking and best practice website (2002), managing the New Zealand Benchmarking Club (2000-2004), the Sheikh SAQR Government Excellence Program, UAE (2005-2007), reviewing the Australian Business Excellence Framework (2006), developing TRADE best practice benchmarking and certification (with partner’s in 13 countries (2007 onwards)) and researching the impact and value of business excellence in Asia for the Asian Productivity Organisation (2009-2011). Dr Robin Mann, Director and founder of COER, serves as the chairman of the Global Benchmarking Network (representing 25 countries).

Anthony (Tony) Stephenson  
NZOQ President
International Management and Technology NZ Limited

Helen Baines
General Manager

Angela Llauder
Membership Manager

New Zealand Organisation for Quality (NZOQ)

NZOQ is a non-profit, professional society dedicated to providing leadership in the adoption of the principles of quality management and best practice in New Zealand. Quality is vital to New Zealand organisations and individuals if they are to succeed in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Since 1977, we have provided leadership in the advancement of quality management and best business practices. NZOQ’s strength is the diversity of our members whose skills and experience span the spectrum of New Zealand industry sectors. We support our members through networking, information sharing and training initiatives.


Mike Watson
Chief Executive

New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation

The New Zealand Business Excellence Foundation is committed to assisting New Zealand organisations realise their full potential, with Foundation membership open to all New Zealand organisations. The Foundation’s mandate is to assist New Zealand organisations improve their performance and capabilities by providing a best practice business framework and by offering support, training, assessment services, access to Award programmes and networking with like-minded organisations.

Included Events

The World Business Capability Congress incorporates the following events into the Congress:

27th NZOQ Conference
7th International Benchmarking Conference
2012 New Zealand Business Excellence Awards

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