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The 1st International Best Practice Competition and GBN’s 1st Global Benchmarking Award will be held at the World Business Capability Congress, 5-7 December 2012, Auckland, New Zealand.

The Best Practice Competition encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices. Winners of the competition will be recognized at the World Business Capability Congress and receive widespread media coverage.

The Best Practice Competition has been designed by the Centre for Organisational Excellence Research (COER), the developers of the Business Performance Improvement Resource, and is aligned to the Global Benchmarking Award (administered by the Global Benchmarking Network – knowledge experts in benchmarking and best practices).

The competition is sponsored by Auckland Tourism, Events, and Economic Development (ATEED) and Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Our Competition Supporters and Congress Partners are encouraging organisations to pursue friendly benchmarking – the sharing of work practices (rather than re-inventing the wheel) to help organisations to quickly raise their business capability.

Prize Categories:

  • New Zealand Best Practice Competition:

    • New Zealand SME (less than 20 employees) – Winner and 2 runners up
    • New Zealand Large organization (more than 20 employees) – Winner and 2 runners up
  • Overseas Best Practice Competition:

    • Overseas (for teams/organizations based outside NZ) – Winner and 2 runners up
  • 1st International Best Practice Competition:

    • Supreme winner selected from NZ and overseas – 1stInternational Best Practice Competition Winner
  • GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award:

    • Winner and 2 runners up
Round 1 is FREE for all entrants.
The best 20 SME applicants receive 1 free registration to the Congress
worth over $800


Special Prize – GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award:

Entrants to the Best Practice Competition may also enter the Global Benchmarking Network’s Global Benchmarking Award. This requires organisations to share a best practice and describe how benchmarking (comparing and learning from others) is an integral part of their organisation’s improvement and innovation drive.

The GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award was designed by Benchmarking Partnerships (Australia), BestPrax Club (India) and COER (New Zealand) on behalf of the GBN. It was first trialed in India in 2010.

Entries to the Best Practice Competition and GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award are accepted from New Zealand and overseas organisations.

Closing date of entries, 5.00pm, Monday 15 October 2012 for Large and Overseas Organisation and 5.00pm, Friday 9 November for New Zealand SMEs.

View entries that have already qualified to Round 2

Benefits of participation

  • To help you to identify what you do well (called the harvesting of best practices) and thus enable individuals and teams to obtain recognition for their outstanding work.
  • To create new levels of motivation and enthusiasm by encouraging staff to question work practices and whether they are at a best practice level.
  • To obtain feedback on how your organisation’s practices can be improved and sustained.
  • To develop a unified forward-thinking team culture that continuously pursues best practices
  • To build awareness in New Zealand and internationally of your organization’s innovative and effective work practices.
  • All applicants that quality to Round 2 will receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Applicants that qualify to Round 2 will have their presentations videoed and receive copy of all the Best Practice Competition videos. This collection of best practices will help applicants to further improve their processes and business results.
  • All applicants that qualify to Round 2 will receive one password and 3 months free access to the Business Performance Improvement Resource,, with the winners receiving five passwords and one year’s free access.
  • The best 20 New Zealand SME applicants receive 1 free registration to the Congress.

What is a best practice?

“There is no single ”best practice” because best is not best for everyone. Every organization is different in some way–different missions, cultures, environments, and technologies. What is meant by “best” are those practices that have been shown to produce superior results; selected by a systematic process; and judged as exemplary, good, or successfully demonstrated. Best practices are then adapted to fit a particular organization.”


Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) Keynote speaker at the World Business Capability Congress and one ofthe Best Practice Competition judges

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